Monday, July 10, 2017

Coco's flip

On the ski lift

Mountain top


Coco and Otteryn

Winona in wonderland

Winona in wonderland

Rainy forest walk

Turtle spotting

The "wild walk" Lake Placid

Giant web

Lake Placid, Cranberry Lake

Uncle Al might puke

Uncle Al, Coco, Flying dragon boat



Winnie's bobsled with Uncle Al

Flying swings

SeaBreeze with Uncle Al

Sexy man in yard

Postmodern Jukebox date

Coco, Winnie, and Story

Winnie and Story

Coco and Story

All the fingers

Kara and Robert, Grandma Carol

Winnie and Story

Winnie faux winded after second race

Coco finishes the big kid race

Harmonica train

Winnie finishes Story's birthday race