Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pirate Party

Uncle Marc and Aunti Jess with Pirates

Official Pirate Photo

All Aboard Family Photo

Bahamas Family Photo

Arrival in Cocoa Beach

But in the end he was really nice and non-threatening

There was a lot of build up and anxiety before meeting Jack Sparrow (fears he would steal their treasures)

Pirate threats

Sword fight

Pirate "Arr"

Winnie felt amazing

Pirate night makeover

Coco and Winnie bravely swam way out in the ocean on their own (with floaties)

Baba relaxing

Dada relaxing on beach

Beach buns

Uncle Marc, Ayden, and RoRo

Uncle Marc snorkeler

Our boat

Walking onto the Bahamas

Chip and Dale welcome

Castaway Key

Breakfast in the Bahamas

RoRo and Coco ready for the big stage show

Ayden ordered nothing for dessert

Dinner at Animator's place

Coco getting Bahama braids

Sister dance jam

Watching movies on the deck

Belle walked with Coco and Win across the cruise, chatting

We bumped into Belle and she grabbed us for a stroll

Winona, formal dress

Even Baba got to meet Anna and Elsa

Meeting Elsa and Anna

Excited to meet Elsa

Winona is a brave swimmer

Mama relaxing at kiddie pool

Coco's cruise face

On the deck

Boarding the Disney Bahamas Cruise

Sunday, March 12, 2017