Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Specialty triathlon bike with baskets

Triathlon time


The back yard


Hearing about the origins of Stonehenge (it was aliens)

Chloe & Tom's family

Our family


Jess on a swing

Cloe, Jess, Felix, & Luca

The pub across from Chloe & Tom's house

She was so excited to be a big girl like Jess.

Getting nails painted for the first time by Big Coco.

Big Coco's house in Crondall

Walking in Waterloo

The start of a probably amazing sandcastle

London bridge

Boat ride in London

Too hot

Pizza dinner

Drinks with Francesco

Holding on tight to Baba's present

A bis of squid pasta and a kind of pasta stew

Brad almost launched the chicken into the pot


Took ten turns on this ride

Italian children's show (with scantily dressed performers)

Gardaland, Italian amusement park

Train to Verona

Bed time

The river

In the city for tea and cake

Our valley hotel room window

Edu and Giacomo

Mountain nap

Flower field


Grave jumping


Mountain snack break

Coco and Giacomo

Brad's friend Edu stayed with us.

She learned how to feed goats.

Coco made a little friend, Alexander.

We stayed in this house on a vineyard.

Brad gave an amazing talk

Crocodile seesaw

Alternative Italian playground equipment

In Italy